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Matt Hamilton

Matt "eriner" Hamilton is an autodidact hacker at Forces Unseen. Matt specializes in the security of web applications and emerging technologies.

Prior to co-founding Forces Unseen, Matt worked at Infrastructure-as-code startup Soluble and at Bishop Fox. Working in San Francisco, he improved the security of Fortune 500 companies and high-tech startups.

Matt has discovered many vulnerabilities in open source and commercial software. Notably, in 2020 he discovered a critical attack-chain in Connectwise Control software used by MSPs and IT service providers to remotely administer computers. Matt also discovered and notified Verisign, Amazon, Google, and other cloud providers of a DNS homograph vulnerability which had been abused by unknown attackers in years prior to his discovery.

He is currently researching security vulnerabilities in LLM and AI technology. He created and the LLM Hacker's Handbook with Forces Unseen co-founder Alex Leahu to share their research. Matt is also evaluating the security of LTE modems and security cameras.