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Forces Unseen

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Forces Unseen is an offensive cybersecurity consulting firm specializing in application, infrastructure, and novel security penetration testing.

Application Security

Identify vulnerabilities in your application most likely to be exploited by a skilled attacker. We perform penetration testing and source code review for web and mobile applications. Our team has extensive experience identifying vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications for the Fortune 500 and high-tech startups.

Infrastructure Security

Harden the infrastructure where your application is deployed. We evaluate the security configuration of cloud and infrastructure as code deployments. The team at Forces Unseen are experts in Infrastructure-as-code and have identified critical vulnerabilities in cloud and Kubernetes deployments for large financial institutions and other high-profile clients.

Novel Technology Security

Discover security vulnerabilities in novel technologies like LLMs, AI, and other uncharted territory. We find vulnerabilities unique to your product and use-case. We're comfortable working at the bleeding-edge, establishing guidance where "best practices" are not yet defined.